Hello world!

I introduce myself with the “Hello world” expression as most of the day i don’t cook but i do software engineering. Cooking, photography and IT are my 3 loves!

I have been cooking since i was 10 years old, as both my parents were working and had to prepare some easy recipes like pasta or fritters. I watched every single cook show appeared on TV and i remember myself grabbing pens and writing down recipes anywhere i could find (you see, for all the young people reading this, internet was not available at that time, neither pausing the TV program!).

Growing up i always had the curiosity for learning how my favorite dishes are made and loved experimenting in the kitchen. Having reached my ’40s i love hosting and making a mess in the kitchen, but the satisfaction of serving something really tasty and healthy to your family & friends compares to nothing.

My base is Athens, Greece, and in my humble blog you will find mostly Greek recipes but i am a cosmopolitan person so you’ll find more that that.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on my recipes!